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Wuxi Shuangyi Intelligent Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Wuxi Electric Plating Equipment Factory
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About Us  

Our company was established in 1973. It is the earliest company in our country that made product lines for electric plating and the station dealing with the polluted water. Through our efforts in more than thirty years, the scale of production is larger and larger; the quality of our products is improving; and we adopt more and better advanced technology at home and abroad. Our company is powerful and is very popular in market. It is a technological company that combines design, production, sales and service.

Powerful strength
Our company has the operating department, technology department, production department, supply department, financial department and quality-control department. There are more than 100 formal employees. Among them, there are 25 technicians of project, 11 people with an intermediate or advanced title of a technical post. It has special groups of people who have a sense of responsibility and are well-trained in designing or manufacturing or fixing and adjusting or before or after service. The fixed assets of the company are 4.83 million and the unfixed capital is 17.50 million. The average sales volume is 35 million in recent three years. The building area of the company is 55,000 square meters. The company has a whole set of process equipment. It is also the first one that introduced two sets of automatic hot-fusing equipment made of polypropylene material used for connecting and folding in high-pressure environment. 

Best quality
Our company got the authentication of International Quality System of the ISO 9002. In June,2003, it got the certificate of GB/T19001-2000IDT ISO90012000 of the Quality Control System. We do our designing work carefully; make sure that our raw materials are qualified; do the construction and installation according to pictures; each process is well-done and has no problem so that the following process can go smoothly; and we examine carefully so that every part is qualified.

Advanced technology
Our company cooperates with many institutions of designing such as Material Protection Institution, No.4 Designing Institution of Engine and Electricity in Luoyang, the Designing Institution of Navigation Planning in Beijing, the Fifth Institution of Enginery in Beijing, the Designing Institution of Beijing Shipping Company. We also have connections and cooperation with some famous companies on electric plating equipment and environment-protection equipment at home and abroad, such as Amete Company and Lers Company in the US, Renyuanyulate Corporation in Japan. The designing institution of our company keep on learning advanced technology and develop new products for our customers.

Responsibility and Popularity
Up till now, our company has provided nearly 500 production lines of electric plating equipment and equipment dealing with waste water for nearly a hundred companies. Especially in recent years, we undertake several projects of surface technologically improving for some medium and large-sized companies, such as the aviation, spacecraft, China Shipping Company and Railway Department, etc. In the civilian industry, especially in the automobile hub area, we gain popularity because of our advanced technology, high quality, and excellent service. We gain much economic and social benefit through our competitive credit, quality, speed, price, etc.

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