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Wuxi Shuangyi Intelligent Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

● Product List
production line structure types
 Straight plating production line
 Loop plating product line
 Continuous plating production line
 Plating production line for martial industrial
 High-span plating production line
 Rotary electroplating production line
 Other plating production line
Production line accessories
 Electronic plating equipment
 Bathroom hardware electroplating equipment
 ABS plating equipment
Equipment dealing with wasted water and gas
Equipment dealing with pollution
Production line accessories
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Wuxi Electric Plating Equipment Factory
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● About Us

Our company was established in 1973. It is the earliest company in our country that made product lines for electric plating and the station dealing with the polluted water. Through our efforts in more than thirty years, the scale of production is larger and larger; the quality of our products is improving; and we adopt more and better advanced technology at home and abroad. Our company is powerful and is very popular in market. It is a technological company that combines design, production, sales and service.

Powerful strength
Our company has the operating department, technology department, production department, supply department, financial department and quality-control department. There are more than 100 formal employees. Among them, there are 25 technicians of project, 11 pe...

● Case
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● Product
Low rail production line
rail production line
High rail production line
Cantilever production line
Barrel plating production line
manual production line
Overhead line
Cantilever production line
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